Sensecap: High Ram and Ended Witnessed Activity


When my device started to behave abnormally, I started to control it from the dashboard. What I see is that the ram usage is extremely high.
The higher this ram usage, the less likely you are to get witnessed.


I sent an e-mail to the sensecap producer Seed due to the high ram usage.:

I was tracking the Sensecap device. Whenever it started using high ram then activity was starting to drop.
I sent an informative e-mail about this issue. Then he said it’s normal due to seed light hotspot and blockhein synchronization.
Sensecap – 4gb ram used is over 70%.

This is really serious ram usage and is likely to cause hardware failures.
After this e-mail, the device activity completely ceased.

I’ve been losing income for about 6 days and in the last e-mail, seed asked me to wait a few more days.


2022.07.14.0 Released version

released an update today, my device is still not fixed.

I said that if things didn’t go well, I would return it after such long and tiring work.

I trust Seed, I’m sure it will make the necessary adjustments for my device.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Dude, you previously sensed that the device was abnormal and its unusual behavior and alerted sensecap. In fact, you sent an e-mail and said that you were responsible. After this time, seed should solve the incident. The worst thing is that you return it. It’s been a bad experience. I hope seed doesn’t victimize you and bother you. As a community, we will do our best. Don’t worry!

  2. Barış

    Should I buy a Sensecap device? Which device is better ?

  3. Fatih

    After such a high use of ram, there is no need to be a soothsayer to prevent the device from malfunctioning.
    i think devices with 2gb sensecap use 100% ram 🙂

  4. Jack

    Haber bekliyor olacağız! 🙁

  5. Mehmet Hazerova

    A very strange event.

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